Γειά σου, or Hello, I’m Marina and this is my blog. It started out as an instagram account called nounouskitchen, but eventually I actually wanted to share my recipes with the world and be a bit more creative with my content.

Let’s talk about the name. Nounouskitchen came up pretty simply. My family has always been calling me Nounou, so… since I’m cooking.. in my kitchen, I called it Nounouskitchen. I promise, there’s more creativity in my meals than in the name haha. I still like it though, hopefully you do too.

A little bit about me:

I’m 20 years and I’m living in New York City. I love it here, it’s amazing. I study Philosophy and Sociology at NYU and have two more years to go. No, it has nothing to do with healthy living, food, exercise, vegetarian/veganism.. but it’s really something I enjoy. Even though I love New York, which has now been my home for the past two years, I’m originally from Greece. Honestly, for me, nothing can compare to it, the food, the people, the weather… you’ll see many mentions of Greece throughout my posts. I hope that’s ok.

This blog is more of an opportunity for me to bring out my creative side. If you know me, you know I can’t dance, paint, sing or anything of the sort.. but fortunately I can cook. I get excited thinking of what I can do with different ingredients and what food pairings are the best. I’m not sure if that comes from creativity, or if it’s because I’m seriously obsessed with food.

My Grandpa was the best cook I’ve known. We’d go visit him over break and he would constantly be cooking something. Needless to say, lunch and dinner were real feasts. Granted, the food he cooked was definitely not healthy and deeeefinitely not vegan or vegetarian, but it was amazing. When anyone asked him how he learned to cook, or how it happens that he cooks so well, he would only answer: “If someone likes to eat, then they’ll learn to cook”

That’s kind of how I started this, not only do I like to eat, but I like to feel good about myself, how I’m treating my body and also the world.

Hope you enjoy the content, I’ll try my best not to disappoint.