grilled asparagus, cauliflower & mushroom salad

  This past week has been one filled with salads and vegetables, as I am both attempting, and succeeding, to go vegan for the week, as well as be on a strict diet. With summer around the corner I was in need of recipes that were both fresh, nutrient dense, filling, but on the lower… Continue reading grilled asparagus, cauliflower & mushroom salad

spring pea hummus

Hello again! Today’s post is this fresh and minty spring pea hummus. I know I personally called this recipe a hummus, but I named it so to keep up with the trend of all the different hummus recipes. Until now I was convinced that hummus strictly had to have a base of chickpeas, but it… Continue reading spring pea hummus

Veggie Burger Sandwich

I’m back today with a great lunch option. I’ve had these plenty times in the past and they have always left me satisfied. It’s a Vegan Sandwich which can be packed up and taken to School or Work. Even though it’s a packed lunch, I promise, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything:… Continue reading Veggie Burger Sandwich

my sister’s ultimate breakfast

Gooood morning! Are you having a good morning? Well, just in case you aren’t here’s the ultimate breakfast for you! (It’s simply lovely to start your blog sounding like a commercial isn’t it? – I promise I’ll be more of a proper blogger as the time goes on..) Basically, I can’t take credit for this… Continue reading my sister’s ultimate breakfast