banana oat pancakes

Hello my loves, I’m back today with one of my favorite recipes: Banana Oat Pancakes. I’m completely obsessed with making them because they are delicious, and make me feel as if I’m cheating my healthy lifestyle and diet by indulging, but are actually completely guilt free! On my average mornings, I usually have half a… Continue reading banana oat pancakes

spring pea hummus

Hello again! Today’s post is this fresh and minty spring pea hummus. I know I personally called this recipe a hummus, but I named it so to keep up with the trend of all the different hummus recipes. Until now I was convinced that hummus strictly had to have a base of chickpeas, but it… Continue reading spring pea hummus

Veggie Burger Sandwich

I’m back today with a great lunch option. I’ve had these plenty times in the past and they have always left me satisfied. It’s a Vegan Sandwich which can be packed up and taken to School or Work. Even though it’s a packed lunch, I promise, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything:… Continue reading Veggie Burger Sandwich